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The luxurious V tower is set to be one of the most significant buildings in the bustling epicenter of Zalka.  The strategic location allows the tower to capture the momentum of the highly desired commercial area by staying accessible from all sides. 

With four spacious offices at each level, the tower rises 12 floors above the town’s busy streets in a graceful architecture with a high-end aluminum and crystal clear glass façade that enrobes the exterior and ensure an optimized office experience.



V Tower is on the main Zalka highway. it will have the easy access of all roads and directions. the tower's main facades are on the main highway and the side street.

The Offices

V tower offices areas will vary from 80sqm. To 107sqm. The areas and the layouts are very practical allowing the client to get larger surfaces if desired.

The Retail Shops

V Tower shops will have a unique exposure whether located on the main Zalka highway or on the side street. With an impressive clear ceiling height of 5.75 meters, V Tower shops will be hard to miss.

To make the best of this vibrant commercial location, retail stores were made available over three floors: road level, mezzanine and 1st basement with main facades reaching an impressive 24 meters on the highway and 16 meters on the side street.

The Address

V tower is located on the Zalka highway. The location’s multiple accesses, gives any business high commercial activity as well as high visibility and exposure.

V tower is 10 minutes away from Downtown Beirut.

The Amenities

The tower offers a spacious 1st floor office with a terrace and a Penthouse-inspired area on the 12th floor featuring a single open space with a vast terrace and a rooftop access.

The tower is secured 24/7 with a guard’s station while employees and customers enjoy 5 floors of parking spaces for a pleasant work/ shopping experience.



T+961 1 374500/501/600 EXT. 233


ABeirut, Hamra, Clemenceau Street, Minkara Bldg. 3rd Floor

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Type D

Side Street view office | Available on floors 2 through 11.

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